3 Best Home Remedies for MILIA

Our today’s topic is “MILIA” which are tiny white or skin color bumps on the skin especially under or around the eye area, which most people confuse with acne. But in reality, those bumps are not acne but MILIA. In today’s vid, we’ll discuss what is Milia & the reasons behind Milia. Then we will discuss the treatment of Milia on any body part of yours. Lastly, we’ll discuss some important points to keep in mind to get rid of Milia. But before that, subscribe to my channel & hit on the bell icon to be notified of every new video. And do not forget to follow me on Instagram as well 🙂 Now Let’s get started. Let’s see what does Milia mean? As I already mentioned before, Milia are tiny skin-colored white bumps that are mostly found around the eye area or any part of your face BUT these could also be on any part of your body. And yes, if you touch these bumps, you’ll find out that Milia is always skipping deep. Talking about its reasons: 1) Excessive & rigorous face washing 2nd reasons is using products with drying ingredients. Suppose u have dry skin & if u use products with dry ingredients, your skin will get prone to Milia. Another reason is Skin Dehydration. Milia can happen to anyone of any age, despite their gender But the good thing is, it is not dangerous or contagious. Now let’s discuss the treatment of Milia. The First & foremost solution to this problem is SUNSCREEN which u need to apply religiously, no matter what. Sunscreen could be of any brand and should be applied daily despite what the weather is and if u are home or outside. 2nd solution to Milia is SKIN HYDRATION & for that drinking water regularly. Summer is around the corner so drink 8-10glasses of water per day and during winter, drink 6-8glasses of water per day. 3rd Solution is 2% Salicylic Acid. You can easily get 2% salicylic acid in The Ordinary brand but if u find this brand expensive or if u don’t find it in your country/area, what u can do is visit your local pharmacy and ask them for 2% salicylic acid. Buy 2% salicylic acid & for application what you will do is: Nighttime, remove your makeup, wash ur face-off with any cleanser or face wash and pat it dry and then with the help of cotton bud, apply salicylic acid on your problem area (where ever u have Milia) ONLY. Do not apply it on the full face, just apply it on your Milia & go to sleep without removing /washing it off. 2% Salicylic Acid won’t hurt or burn ur skin. Do not worry about it 🙂 Duration to use salicylic acid for Milia depends on the number and size of Milia bumps. But if u apply it daily, Milia will be treated soon. Now let’s discuss some points to remember if you have Milia. Firstly as I told u before, Milia is not contagious or deadly. 2ndly, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. 3rdly, no need of taking any antibiotics for Milia as Milia is not caused by bacteria. 4) For Milia, granulated scrubs like St. Ives, etc, are a big NO-NO. Your toner will do a deed of your exfoliator. Lastly, the main cause of Milia or acne is hygiene issues. So, keep yourself & surrounding clean Like if u use glasses, always clean ur glasses before wearing again, also do not forget to disinfect your fone screen after using it, so that the germs and dirt don’t shift to ur skin. So, that is all for today and all those who requested this video, hope you got the solution to your problem. See u all soon with another video.

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