How To make activated charcoal powder at home for skin

Take a metal pan and add tiny items of charcoal to it. Cowl pan with a lid and place it on the medium flame till smoke start and charcoal get hot okay. Keep the pan on flame for twenty minutes. Subsequently, let it a bit settle down place hot charcoal during a saucepan, and add essence pro re nata to boil charcoal. Boil for thirty minutes on low flame. Once thirty minutes put off charcoal from essence and crush it with a hammer. Grind wet charcoal so sieve it to urge fine charcoal powder. Take one cup of charcoal powder and add 1/3 cup of recent juice with a pair of glasses of water. Combine okay whereas you adding water to it. Juice can take away all impurities from charcoal powder. Keep it for twenty-four hours. The next day while not shaking it take away all water from the charcoal. Place the wet charcoal powder on a plate and keep it dry okay. Place dry powder in a jar. It’s able to use.

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