How to make blackheads removal strip at Home

Tell me this when you have a day off. What do you do in your free time? How many of you guys, like to clean and especially nose blackheads which looks very bad. Don’t think that they will go on their own. Some people have more blackheads. Some have less because when somebody is looking straight at your nose, they are looking at your blackheads and they like “what is that thing? and it looks so horrible. No matter how many layers of makeup you apply, even apply primers but even the small fine hair can be seen and it doesn’t look good. Some of you might be thinking removing blackheads, might be a very expensive procedure. You can save your Pocket money and you can make this with things already available at your home. I am going to tell you about the ingredients. It should be dry If you have toner. Apply that, so that your nose is full clean then you have to steam your nose hot water one tablespoon you’ll need it one tablespoon or you can take in form of teaspoon one teaspoon hot water you can get this in the packet or something like this and the most important thing after this is you can easily get this UHU glue won’t work for this and other glue. I have here this one is used in art classes and take the same quantity. One teaspoon and one more thing that I have added to make the nose extra clean and it will clean it from the inside. It’s the famous charcoal powder. I have with me one of Voox Charcoal powder. It has charcoal powder inside-which is good for cleaning and cleanses the nose deeply. The paste that we are making for blackheads removal paste. it will form a stripe but when it is in liquid form you have to put it around your nose. This is the jar that I have brought from MUJI. You will put one teaspoon of I have tablespoon, but you will use teaspoon One teaspoon. After all, we don’t need it because we have to mix gelatin in it. I have this gelatin with me. Here I am taking the same quantity as I have taken of water. Now we are going to mix it with this. Now we are going to add one teaspoon of glue. Because of charcoal powder, this paste has become dark grey. I want to have all the properties of charcoal and all of its advantages. I want to have for my nose. Apart from removing blackheads. I clean it thoroughly along with it. it cleanses it well. You have applied a really hot towel to your nose. So that because of the steam your pores can open. Now, I am going to be applying this mixture. They should be all in equal quantity I added charcoal powder. Almost half teaspoon Because it will take longer to dry It might take 10 -15 min for it to dry depends on what type of layer you have used and how much is air to let it air dry. Click on the bell icon so that you will get a notification whenever Out style puts up a new video. Blackhead removal strips have charcoal, glue, and gelatin along with a little bit of water. I have applied for it for 15 mins. Meanwhile, I blow-dry it with cool air. I am going to tell you about some tips. Make sure you mix gelatin in very hot water so that it can mix well. if not mix well tiny granules can be seen on your stripe. Everything should come up with this. It is more fun if it doesn’t break. It not breaking and this thing we made over selves at home just now. We just made this ourselves. you and me actually. I just made it myself only and you are just watching. There’s this pull- the fun part when you pull it firmly from the strip. I can feel that I am doing a very glamorous video today. Areas, where I apply a very thin layer with the brush layer, are very thin there It can easily tear it from there. These tears in my eyes are tell-tale signs. A lot of stuff has come out In the strip you can easily see blackheads, whiteheads, and fine hair. I have fine hair there and if there is fine hair then definitely there are. Because I clean my nose regularly. I don’t have too many white or blackheads it felt very similar to strip-like the same result that is found at the back of the strip. there are a lot of fine hair those of you who have many blackheads. I told you guys a method you have to take very hot water so that gelatin can easily be dissolved completely you can have a little more water if you like like one tablespoon should have I teaspoon water because if you add too much, the gelatin would not form properly If at one time, your combination is not right next time, you can adjust the gelatin and water use very small plastic spoon so that there is very little wastage, then add charcoal powder one teaspoon glue take charcoal little half then the teaspoon even if you don’t put charcoal powder it is ok. But gelatin, water, and glue combination are very important. If you add too much water then your stripe will tear up or if you apply a very thin layer but if you apply a very thick layer. When I try this stripe when I got to know about this stripe be very careful about layer thickness.

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