Keratin Treatment at home

Assalamoalaikum. Am Erum & welcome to my channel. As I created some videos on hair care, numerous of you requested to form a video on however we will do ceratin treatment reception. So, today’s video is all concerning the way to do ceratin Treatment reception with all-natural ingredients. however, before that, let Maine tell u what’s ceratin? Keratin may be a supermolecule that makes out layers of your hair and skin. ceratin Treatment is useful for people who have a problem of nappy, expensive, and rough hair. ceratin can build your hair struggle, soft and swish furthermore as makes your hair healthy and voluminous. Females World Health Organization need fast results typically visit Salons for ceratin treatment however sadly salons use such chemicals for Keratin that makes your hair lovely and straight within the starting however with the passage of your time, your hair starts trying uninteresting, harm and dry. several females have emailed Maine complaining concerning however keratin has destroyed their hair health. So, my suggestion is rather than visiting salons, opt for natural ingredients although it’d take time to point out results however the tip results would be impressive. Now, enough of this invoice chat, let’s return to the most topic of the way to do ceratin treatment reception. Ingredients required for ceratin treatment are: place each ingredient in a very liquidizer and blend well so that no lumps are left. currently, strain this mixture so that if there’s any banana chunk or dry cornflour or flour is omitted, is going to be strained out and you may get a plain, swish & lump-free mixture. The next step is: if you’ve got washed your hair for long, wash and shampoo your hair off then dry your hair up and once your hair ar 80-90% dry, comb your hair with comb or Ur fingers. however, if your hair ar washed and clean, you are doing not ought to re-wash Ur hair. you just ought to comb your hair to de-tangle these. currently comes the main step that is the application of the mask. For this, merely half your hair in smaller parts and begin applying the mixture from high to the tips of your hair. invariably take a little portion at a time so that mixture can be applied to each part of your hair. this is often a vital purpose to stay in mind to induce desired results. Applying on very little portion at a time can be time overwhelming however trust Maine this tough work would pay off 🙂 The direction of mask application is from high to hair tips. Once you’re done applying the keratin mask, merely tie your hair in bread or wear the cap and leave the mask on for one hour. After 1 hr, wash your hair off together with your regular shampoo and if you’ve got some urgency you will dry your hair victimization blow drier otherwise Let your hair dries up naturally. to check results, if your hair ar straight or semi-straight hair, you’ll see the Brobdingnagian distinction on applying this mask once or doubly. If your hair airs dry, nappy, or/and crisp, apply it 3-4times to check a distinction. what number of times ought this mixture be applied? For straight/semi-straight hair, apply this ceratin mask once every week. For dry/ wavy/ crisp and broken hair, apply this mask 2-3times every week. Let Maine cue u yet again, doing ceratin victimization natural ingredients would take time however finish results would be unbelievable while not doing any harm to your hair. ceratin from salons would show fast results however when someday your hair “COULD” become dry, harm and nappy. Hope you prefer the video. provides it a try to do share the results with Maine. don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. See you before long until then beware, Bye(Allah hafiz)

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