Natural BOTOX at Home Only in 5 mins

AOA. I am Erum & welcome to my channel Summer is here and some skin issues are too common in this season like open pores, excess oily skin, melting makeup, dull skin, and dry, dull skin during this season. Some other common issues are Fine lines & wrinkles. So, I thought why not share a video with you all on a 1 Step BOTOX facial. This facial is named BOTOX because this particular facial will result in the same as BOTOX i.e. this facial will make ur skin young, fresh, glowing, wrinkles free. For this facial, we need a bowl filled with ice-chilled water. Add some ice (like I added ) in this water as well. The next step is to dip ur face for 10-15seconds for 5minutes maximum. This facial has lots of benefits which I’ll be sharing in a voice-over. In the meanwhile, let’s start this facial. Now let’s start talking about the benefits of this ice facial, this ice facial is extremely useful in summers for everyone either male or female. It is best for acne bumps, skin redness, any kind of skin irritation. It also helps in tightening up the open pores. Reduces the excess oil on the face. Doing this facial regularly also helps to reduce premature aging signs, remove fine lines & wrinkles on the face. Ice therapy also makes ur makeup flawless as well as helps to prevent the melting of ur makeup. For this, do this therapy 5min before applying makeup, and ur makeup wud stay fresh for good 7-8hrs. This therapy also helps to control face sweating. Hence making ur face look fresh and glowing. This therapy is also good for those who have puffy eyes problems due to working late or in the morning time. This also helps to reduce active acne and puss-filled pimples. This is suitable for everyone of age from 13 onward. Do this once a day any time of the day. The method to do this facial is: Initially u may be able to dip ur face even for 5 secs in ice-chilled water but it is completely OK. Initially, dip your face in the water as long as u can either for 3-4seconds or less, then rest for 5seconds, and repeat. Gradually, with practice, ur duration will increase. Lastly, let’s discuss who CAN NOT go for this facial – those who have SINUS problem – those with MIGRAINE problem Except these two, everyone else can do this. So we are done with our ICE THERAPY. And here, my eyeliner came off 😀 😀 this is what happens when u don’t apply WATERPROOF eyeliner 🙂 So, give it a try considering its benefits. Make it a part of your SUMMER SKINCARE routine. but those who shouldn’t do this, should keep this in mind and not opt for this. That is all for today, see u soon, Take care, Allah hafiz (Bye)

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