Shiny & Glossy Hair in just 1 day

If your hair is too frizzy then you should go for anti-frizz treatment but today’s segment is on a magical mask that’s going to transform your hair. There’s this guy who has shiny hair, his wife has shiny hair and so does his daughter. He’s Japanese. I asked him what he uses. then, he shared this recipe and today I’m going to share it with you. You can prepare this mask at home. What you need are two ripe bananas. You need to mash it with a cloth. try to use a net, otherwise, you can blend it as well. You need to make a puree then and there my competition. Today is with Susan. This is a very expensive wig. It’s a very shiny and real-looking wig. Let’s see, if I get the same shine.

Use a Cold Press Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. My friend Jerry is going to help me. She’s too tall and won’t fit entirely into the frame. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil then whisk it then. Add 2 tablespoons of honey then a few drops of Lemon. This is supposed to give a lot of shine to my hair. You will apply from the end. First, keep brushing. Make sure you brush your hair before starting and don’t put this on the scalp. Otherwise, it makes the hair too oily. This shampoo is very good. The shampoo has a normal application. First, wash your hair with the GK shampoo. Then, apply this deep conditioner to wet hair for 20 minutes. Okay, so I’ve washed the banana mask. Now, after 20 minutes, maximum all the oil came off – incredible, I love it! They feel really soft and have a great shine as well.

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