Shocking Side Effects of Basil & Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are the favorites of all YouTubers and nutritionists and dieticians. All bloggers love it, even me. I am a fan of chia seeds. This is highly recommended for weight loss but chia seeds have some side effects. So, we will speak about its side effects. All know the benefits of chia seeds but we will talk about 8 side effects of chia seeds which we do overlook and many people are not aware of it. The 1st side effect is GI side effects which means Intestinal and stomach problems. Gastrointestinal issues happen due to chai seeds because its very high in fiber and because of this fiber you get gas and bloating. It means you feel the water in your stomach. Some people get constipated. Some get diarrhea, especially those who suffer from IBD. They need to use it with caution. The second point, many people are allergic to chia seeds, so how will you know if you are allergic to chia seeds either you will get vomiting or you will get a headache or you will have shortness of breath or you will get itching. Some have facial swelling, so many signs develop to show chia seeds allergy. So you use it in small quantities to see if you suffer from food allergies. The third point is Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Chia seeds contain Omega 3 FA in form of ALA ALA is a Fatty acid that is very reactive. It oxidizes inside your body and this affects your tissues and it can cause inflammation in them. So, it’s important that if you take chia seeds, then use a small quantity. Forth point, hypertensive people, take BP medications, if with these medications you take chia seeds, then your BP becomes very LOW because chia seeds are natural blood thinners so they will automatically lower your BP. So chia seeds will interact with your BP medicines and accentuate their effect on BP lowering it further. So, hypertensive patients and on medications should use fewer chia seeds. The fifth point is Hypoglycaemia. Those who suffer from diabetes should use chia seeds with caution because chia seeds lower sugar levels in your body. Diabetic patients on medications especially those on insulin, diamicron, or on any other diabetic medication. They should reduce the intake of chia seeds better not to use at all. The sixth point is those patients already on blood thinners like warfarin, or any other blood thinner medications should not use chia seeds because these are natural blood thinners so if you are already on warfarin or aspirin, or any other blood thinner prescribed by a doctor especially heart patients. It’s important not to use chia seeds as they can lead to internal loss (rare). the seventh point is the use of chia seeds in pregnancy. Now, much research has not been done on side effects in pregnancy. So, pregnant women should NOT use chia seeds because to date no research has been completely done that what would be the side effects of chia seeds on pregnant or feeding mother and their babies. Now we reach our last point and that is a hormonal imbalance. We desire love chia seeds in home remedies and flaxseeds. We love seeds as a whole and we think using seeds our hormones will be balanced automatically. This is not correct. Chia and flaxseeds both contain Lignans. These are phytoestrogens. They will raise estrogen in your body. High estrogen will cause other medical illnesses like depression. Endometriosis will worsen PMS. Sufferers do not use. They will face worse symptoms and women with PCOS should use fewer chia seeds so that their estrogens. Do not increase because with time consumption of chia seeds will lead to raised estrogens. It is better to replace chia seeds with chickpeas.

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