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Top 15 Best and Free conversion optimization tools in 2021

Possibly, you’re searching for the finest WordPress conversion tools to aid you in increasing conversions on your website or blog.

As a company or blogger, it is essential that you utilise conversion rate optimization (CRO) solutions to guarantee that you create more leads, enhance user engagement, and boost conversions in the shortest amount of time feasible.

Throughout this post, we’ll go through the most effective conversion optimization tools available on the market today, so you can enhance your marketing efforts and broaden the reach of your brand. Firstly, why should you include these features on your website in the first place?

How Does Using Conversion Rate Optimization Tools on Your WordPress Website Help You Save Time and Money?

Even while attracting visitors to your website is essential, it is not enough if you want to earn money from your website. You’ll need to convert them into subscribers and leads in order to move them farther along their journey with your business.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) solutions make it easy to identify your target demographic, plan your marketing and promotions, and encourage them to engage with your brand and make purchases from your website or online store.

Conversion optimization techniques, in particular, may be very helpful in the following circumstances:

  • Target Your Audience: Conversion rate optimization (CRO) technologies gather important information about your visitors, allowing you to design campaigns that they are more likely to interact with as a result of their participation.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your strategy by doing the following: Understanding where your visitors are spending their time on your site and what material they skip may help you optimise your conversion strategy and lead generation.
  • Profitability Improvements: Profits and Sales Increase: The more you understand your target audience, the simpler it will be for you to develop content, campaigns, and items that are relevant to their requirements and interests, leading in higher sales and profits for you. Profitability has increased:

Given the many benefits of having conversion tools on your website, let’s have a look at some of the most effective solutions presently available in the market.

How Do You Choose the Best WordPress Conversion Rate Optimization Tools?

You may significantly improve the amount of visitors who convert on your website by using the conversion rate optimization solutions mentioned below.

We’ve taken into account the features, the price, and the outcomes they generate..

OptionMonster is number one on the list of best optin marketing services.

OptinMonster is the finest choice when it comes to lead generating plugins for WordPress. It aids you in turning site visitors into consumers by creating relevant and targeted campaigns for your business.

When you utilise the drag-and-drop builder and pre-made templates offered by LeadPages, your opt-in campaigns will stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you want to include lighting effects, sidebar forms, floating bars, timers, or other campaign kinds into your campaign design, you may do so.

Additionally, in addition to exit-intent criteria, OptinMonster offers a number of additional targeting rules, such as device and scroll depth rules, amongst many other things. Aside from that, it employs techniques such as site-based and cookie retargeting to personalise marketing messages and boost conversions for its consumers.

OptinMonster integrates with a wide range of major marketing platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Shopify, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and many more.


  • Conversion analytics and A/B testing are used in order to improve outcomes.
  • A great deal of interest is being shown in integrating email services and marketing platforms.
  • Digital marketing is characterised by two of its most essential aspects: precise targeting and strong campaign triggers.
  • campaigns that are designed to work well on mobile phones
  • Nine distinct campaign kinds are available with more than 50 pre-built templates.

Cost: Depending on the plan, prices start at $9 per month (billed annually)


According to the developers, MonsterInsights is the most effective Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Users’ navigation of your website and its performance over time are made easier to comprehend using this tool.

When you use MonsterInsights, you can see your analytics reports right from your WordPress dashboard, removing the need to go away from your admin area to check on the performance of your website.

What’s especially attractive about this plugin is that it can be set up in minutes and integrated with Google Analytics in a matter of seconds. No coding or editing of WordPress files is required, making it very user-friendly for those who are just learning the ropes of the platform.

It allows you to conduct A/B tests on your website using the Google Optimize extension, enabling you to identify what works and what doesn’t with your target audience. This plugin is free to use. With this sophisticated tracking system, you can keep track of your forms, focus keywords, media, custom events, URLs, money, and much more!


  • It is now able to monitor website traffic across all devices and campaigns.
  • It is now possible to monitor your purchases on eBay.
  • Statistic on users that is updated in real-time
  • Authors, categories, tags, and searches are just a few of the things you can monitor with custom dimensions.
  • Plugins and services are both available. The ability to integrate with major plugins and services, such as MemberPress, Yoast, and WPForms

The lite version is totally free to download and use. With the Plus plan, you’ll pay an annual membership cost of $79.60.

WPForms is a third-party plugin.

WordPress contact form plugin WPForms is the finest choice when it comes to creating contact forms. Designing aesthetically attractive and highly optimised forms for your website is made possible with this software.

With WPForms, you can create any kind of form you want, from contact forms to registration pages, email subscription forms, surveys, and other types of questionnaires, and anything in between! On every device from which users view the site, it seems to be fully responsive and looks fantastic.

WPForms features a drag-and-drop form builder that makes it easy to design web forms that look precisely the way you want them. It connects with a number of major email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp and AWeber, as well as Constant Contact, GetResponse, and other services of a similar kind.

Conversational forms, for example, are among the additional capabilities available in WPForms, which are intended to boost conversions. When you ask a single question at a time, lengthy forms are made to seem more like a conversational interaction. Aside from that, it features sophisticated conditional logic that enables you to dynamically modify form fields depending on the answer a user provides.

A step-by-step analysis of a user’s trip through your website is shown with the User Journey addon. This may be seen from the time they arrive until the moment they submit their form. As a result, you can optimise your consumers’ path and overall experience.

In order to enhance conversion rates on your website, each one of these elements is designed to raise form completion rates.


  • You may choose from more than 300 pre-built form layouts.
  • Portable and mobile-friendly forms are available.
  • Intelligently shows or conceals fields depending on the user’s choices using conditional logic
  • More than one page in a form
  • The use of clever captcha and spam prevention

The basic version is provided at no cost to you. Premium plugins start at $39.50 per year, with an annual subscription.

TrustPulse is a social media platform that allows people to express their trust in others.

It is TrustPulse that is the most effective of the social proof notification plugins for WordPress. It helps you in turning website visitors into engaged consumers by showing popups providing information about recent purchases and activity on your website to visitors..

This is because when visitors see other people taking action on your website, like as buying a product or signing up for newsletters, they are more likely to do the same thing themselves.

In addition to the fact that TrustPulse comes with a user-friendly dashboard, you will not need to have any coding abilities to utilise the software.

Popups come in a plethora of designs, and you can easily match them to your website’s identity as well as its WordPress theme. In addition to customising the content, you will be able to customise the card’s colours, pictures, and other features.

A number of major platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, and others are also supported by TrustPulse.

In order to build trust and confidence with your target audience, TrustPulse is a useful tool. The use of this technology, in fact, has been shown to boost conversion rates by up to 15% within seconds of implementation.


  • Activities are being watched in real time.
  • Recent activity, group statistics, and personalised messages are just a few of the numerous kinds of popups available.
  • Completely adjustable popups, as well as a variety of design choices to choose from
  • Targeting strategies that work
  • Using statistics and analytics, you can monitor and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

The cost of this service is reasonable, with monthly rates beginning at $5.

PushEngage is an acronym that stands for “push engagement” in English.

It is PushEngage that is the most effective online push notification software for WordPress websites. It allows you to send visitors to your site optimised push notifications even after they have left your site, which is very helpful.

With a single click, you can have them subscribe to your browser alerts, which will save you time and effort in the future. Using their consent, you may offer them tailored communications that will encourage them to return and boost conversions on your site.

Using PushEngage, you may inform consumers of a range of communications, such as sales and promotional events, discounts, and other unique offers. In accordance with their behaviour, it delivers triggered alerts to the relevant visitors at the right moment. …

This version now comes with the Attributes API, which enables you to personalise alerts by adding your subscriber’s initial name, mailing address, hobbies, and other pertinent information in the message body itself.

When you use PushEngage, your notifications are fully customizable. You may customise them to meet the needs of your particular marketing goals by altering the content, CTA button, pictures, URLs and other aspects of the notification.


  • A/B testing (also known as split testing) (also known as split testing)
  • Progress toward objectives is being tracked and analysed.
  • Dynamic segmentation is a kind of segmentation in which the segmentation varies as time progresses.
  • Automated drip campaigns are what we’re talking about here.
  • When you are not connected, you will get notifications.

You may get a free trial version of the programme from the website. Paid plans start at $9 per month and go up to unlimited data use.

SeedProd is a sixth-generation company.

According to our study, SeedProd is the most effective landing page builder for WordPress. Using it, you can easily create landing pages for your website that are both aesthetically attractive and SEO-friendly. This allows you to advertise goods, sales, webinars, events, and pretty much anything else that you want in your business..

For novices, SeedProd is easy to use, and it enables anybody to build aesthetically attractive web pages for their website with little effort. A total of more than 150 pre-made templates are available, each of which is customised to meet a particular marketing objective.

As you work, you can quickly add and delete components from your design using the drag-and-drop builder, all without having to touch a single line of computer code. Moreover, you can preview how your landing page will look on mobile devices and other devices, which will assist you in providing a good user experience for your target population

To make your lead generation efforts more efficient, SeedProd also enables you to connect with major email providers and add optin forms to your website. Also available is the option to connect your landing page with WooCommerce, which will enable you to sell items straight from your website.


  • Sales, optin, coming soon, maintenance mode, webinar, login, and thank you pages are just a few of the 150+ landing page designs available.
  • You may use intelligent sections and blocks to build pages that are uniquely yours.
  • a design that is completely mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Pre-installed colour schemes are available in a total of twenty variations.
  • Anti-spam measures have been implemented.
  • In addition to being under construction, the site is now under maintenance.

It is offered in two different versions: a free version and a premium version. Starting at $39.50 per year, the professional plans are available.

RafflePress is the seventh entry.

If you’re looking for the finest WordPress giveaway and contest plugins, RafflePress is your best bet. The process of creating a highly targeted giveaway for your business that will boost user engagement, website traffic, and social media following takes just a few minutes.

RafflePress enables you to set up a raffle in minutes without the need to know any code or HTML or CSS. Beginners will find its drag-and-drop campaign builder to be easy to use, and it comes with pre-built templates that will help you construct a campaign fast and efficiently.

In addition, RafflePress enables you to build and customise a landing page for your contest in order to boost participation and exposure of your competition. Because of its monitoring and retargeting features, it is easy to identify your target audience, guaranteeing that your contest gets the maximum number of replies possible..

RafflePress connects with major social media sites like as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, allowing you to promote your campaign from any location at any time.. Aside from that, it is compatible with the vast majority of email marketing providers and customer relationship management systems, making it easy to combine and manage your data.


  • Giveaway templates that have previously been constructed
  • Entrance is possible via a number of different routes.
  • just one click is required for registration
  • spam and fraud protection are provided by the company.
  • Mobile-responsive and user-friendly design elements

The cost of this service is reasonable, with annual subscriptions beginning at $39 per person.

Break a Balloon (number eight)

It’s hard to beat Smash Balloon when it comes to social media feed plugins for WordPress. It allows you to display aesthetically attractive feeds on your website in order to show people your social media material and encourage them to become followers of your page on social media.

You may embed information from social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook onto your web page. Aside from that, you have full discretion over which posts are shown on your website.

In order for consumers to know that they can trust your brand before taking action on your website, Smash Balloon has shown to be very beneficial for boosting website conversions. Clients develop confidence in your business because of your social media posts, which motivates them to follow your accounts, sign up for newsletters, buy goods, and take other activities.

Once set up, the streams are fully automatic and may be accessed from anywhere in the world. Smash Balloon will automatically collect fresh material from your social media accounts as soon as it becomes available and show it on your website as soon as it is accessible.

Several customization options are available in the Smash Balloon dashboard to help you guarantee that your social media feed is aligned with the rest of your website’s content.


  • A hundred percent mobile-friendly site is available all of the time
  • feed layouts are available in a total of 12+ variations
  • When managing which articles appear on your website, use filters to keep things organised.
  • The feed types available include timeline feeds, photo/video/event/hashtag feeds, and many more. You may even create your own custom feeds.
  • Friendly to search engine optimization
  • Caching and redundancy of intelligently generated feeds

A single platform costs $39 per year, with additional platforms costing an extra $39 per year for a total of $109 per year.

Constant Contact is a service that allows you to stay in touch with people.

In addition to being popular among bloggers, company owners, marketers, and other people and organisations, Constant Contact also serves as an email marketing service and website builder for them. It enables you to design and send customised emails to particular individuals of your target audience, which is very useful.

There are choices for beginners, intermediates, and professionals in Constant Contact, enabling you to create an optimised email strategy no matter where you are on your learning curve.

Autoresponders and drip email campaigns for your customers may be easily created using the email editor in this programme. A slew of design choices to match your logo and other material are available, including the opportunity to customise colours, fonts, pictures, and other elements.

In order to remain on top of your content marketing strategy, you may set up email marketing automation so that it performs scheduled or automatic activities on a regular basis.

Aside from that, Constant Contact makes it extremely easy to separate your client base with their segmentation tool. By doing so, you will be able to discover and group subscribers who are similar to one another, enabling you to offer relevant and personalised messages to your target audience.


  • It is possible to choose from more than 240 pre-built email designs.
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface is used to construct the structure.
  • Email marketing initiatives that are fully automated
  • When it comes to separating a large list of emails into categories, email list segmentation is a method that may be used effectively.
  • Users’ information and statistics are collected.

The cost of this service is reasonable, with monthly rates beginning at $10.

Google Analytics is the tenth most used web analytics software.

Google Analytics

Users of WordPress will find Google Analytics to be a valuable tool, since it provides them with all of the information they need to improve conversions on their websites. You can easily monitor and analyse user activities and behaviour on your website using this tool.

With a better knowledge of these factors, creating a website that improves conversions while still being attractive to consumers will become simpler.

Using Google Analytics, you can monitor numerous websites from a single account, making it easy to keep track of your statistics. Individual website visits on your site may be traced back to the individual visitor’s origination domain. There’s additional information about where they came from and which referral sites sent them to your site.

A/B testing, link monitoring, and linking systems, which are used to evaluate customer relationship management, ports of sale, and other touchpoints, are also potential options.

Because Google Statistics may be difficult to browse for those who are not acquainted with the breakdown of analytics, we suggest linking Google Analytics to MonsterInsights to make things simpler for everyone. It is capable of taking in a huge quantity of website data and converting it into reports that are simple to comprehend As a consequence, you will be able to get all of the information you need without experiencing any difficulties.


  • Tag management is supported.
  • Create custom segments at the session or user level, depending on your preferences.
  • Tracking your audience’s growth, acquisition expenses, behaviour, conversions, real-time engagement, and more is easier than ever with the right tools.
  • User and conversion modelling are two important aspects of this project.
  • Bringing in information

There is no fee to use this facility.

Owler is number eleven.

Owler is a competitive intelligence tool that enables you to spy on and learn from your rivals in order to get an edge and acquire insight into their business plans. You’ll get news and notifications on the most recent advancements in your sector, enabling you to keep on top of what’s going on in your area of expertise.

It is possible to create a list of businesses that you wish to keep an eye on using the competitive intelligence function in Owler. As a result, it gathers information about your business and sends you notifications about new trends, breaking news, and thought-provoking material..

Utilize this information to better appeal to your target audience and to remain ahead of the curve so that your organisation is the first to post the most up-to-date material.

It is possible to get information about other businesses through Owler, including confidential revenue projections, CEO approval ratings, staff headcounts, and other relevant information.

A data summary is also generated for you, making it easy to get a high-level overview of the most significant trends presently impacting your company.


  • You may narrow your results using advanced search parameters such as industry, sector, location, revenue, employee count, and other factors.
  • In a competitive world, intelligence is critical.
  • Notifications on breaking news stories and trending topics
  • Personalized keyword notifications based on your preferences
  • Making a brand uniquely yours

For the first year, there is no charge; afterwards, the annual fee is $99 each year.


Similarly, Ahrefs is a competitor research tool that may help you in keeping on top of your competition so that you can offer your consumers with the most relevant information possible at the beginning of the purchasing cycle.

Among other things, Ahrefs provides a range of tools to help you with keyword optimization, competition analysis, rank monitoring, and other activities. It includes everything you need to get a deeper knowledge of your audience as well as your competitors in order to provide the most relevant marketing and improve conversions.

The Ahrefs company also offers services to eCommerce companies, such as detecting what consumers purchase online and analysing their behaviour across various markets and platforms. There are many ways to monitor consumer demand, optimise retail search tactics, track omnichannel success, and much more.


  • Site inspection and evaluation
  • Market expertise on a comprehensive scale
  • Examine the overall performance of the competitors’ efforts.
  • Advanced keyword research tools are available for purchase.
  • Observation of the target audience is essential.

There is no fee to use this facility.

SurveyMonkey is the thirteenth site.

Using SurveyMonkey, you may get feedback from customers in order to better understand your audience and expand the scope of the company’s operations.

Customers and prospects may participate in polls, surveys, and quizzes created using SurveyMonkey, which you can email to them. User input may be gathered via mobile chat, social media, and connections to other websites in addition to email and social media. 

You may export your findings, integrate customer feedback into your applications, and use the information you gather to make educated business choices.

It is easy to choose the right questions to ask consumers when using SurveyMonkey, which comes with more than 150 pre-designed templates. Customers’ happiness, staff involvement, education, market research, and a number of other topics are all included in this survey.


  • The creation of more than 150 survey templates is currently underway!
  • customer-related information, data and analytics
  • Incorporate tools like email marketing, salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, to name just a few of the options.
  • It is possible to give permissions in a number of different methods.

Monthly fee: $32 for the first month, followed by a monthly fee of $32 after that.

Woopra is number fourteen on the list.

The customer journey analytics tool created by Woopra is simple to use and may help you better understand your customers and improve conversions on your website.

Customers’ data such as trends, journeys, segmentation, retention, and other key metrics may be tracked and analysed with Woopra’s help. It is possible to monitor product, sales, marketing, and support touchpoints with the use of customised tracking. Additionally, you may take immediate action depending on user behaviour by using the triggers that are currently included.

Furthermore, it enables you to sync existing user data from your databases and turn it into actions without having to write a single line of code yourself. A few of the many prominent platforms with which Woopra integrates include Mailchimp, Slack, Salesforce, AWeber, Dropbox, ActiveCampaign, LiveChat, Shopify, and a host of other alternatives.


  • Analyses are performed on data such as customer journeys, trends, segmentation, and other data.
  • There are pre-installed triggers for user behaviour.
  • User data from previous sessions should be synchronised with new data.
  • A variety of touchpoints have been optimised.

Cost: To get you started, there is a completely free plan. Then there are premium options that start at $349 a month for a full year.

One-Stop Shop for All Your Search Engine Optimization Needs

The use of All in One SEO makes it possible to develop an optimised marketing plan that will assist you in better understanding your consumers and appealing to their interests, thus increasing conversions.

There are a number of functions included in All in One SEO, including periodic site audits, content research, backend analysis, SEO mistake detection, and more.

Moreover, it offers sophisticated eCommerce SEO assistance to assist you in optimising the product pages and product categories on your website.

Increased traffic to your site and higher conversion rates are achieved via the use of this tool, which simplifies the process of optimising pages and goods.

With All in One SEO, you can also connect to social media platforms, enabling you to get access to Facebook insights, notify Google about the social media accounts you use, and setup sitewide social sharing settings for your whole website.


  • Site inspections and audits are performed.
  • redirects to the whole of the website
  • On-page SEO analysis tool (Search Engine Optimization)
  • The headlines are being scrutinised.

During the first three months, the cost is $49.50 each month.

Simply said, that’s the whole process! You may utilise these conversion optimization tools on your WordPress website since they are among the most effective accessible today.

We truly hope that you found this post to be helpful and interesting.

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